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EUR/USD Euro vs. US dollar exchange It is extremely important to understand our clients have total access and control over their funds. You can follow the change of EUR / USD Euro vs. US dollar exchange rate in the past 5 years on a chart.

Research - Unauthorized users should EXIT immediately to avoid possible civil or criminal liability. Global Research and forecasts on Live FX. Live. OASIS. The essential tool for analysing FX volatility on Live. See below for more.

FX Wall Street Oasis In fact, financial experts say the “forex” funds don’t exist: they are Ponzi schemes, in which new investors’ cash is used to pay returns to existing investors, and could collapse at any moment.“I could probably find 40 in a couple of hours, just in Dubai,” said Sam Instone, chief executive of AES International financial advisers. I hear heartbreaking stories from people like teachers who are often targeted.”One fund company, with offices in Dubai Media City, promises a return of 110 per cent on an investment of as little as US,000, less than Dh75,000.“Airline cabin crew and teachers are attracted because they can double their salaries by opening two or three accounts. However, FX is a very mature market and as a result the universe of vanilla/structured options products is pretty wide.

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EUR/USD Euro vs. US dollar exchange
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